Grace Anglican Church Galesburg, Illinois. A Parish of the Diocese of Quincy, in the Anglican Church in North America. Proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Only way to the Father since 1859!

Parish Leadership


Welcome to Grace Anglican Church




Rector: The Rev. Fr. Andrew Ainley





The Rev. W. J. Barnds, Rector Emeritus





Mrs. Sandy Bruington, Parish Administrator



Wardens and Vestry

Mr. Michael Haptonstahl, Senior Warden

Ms. Marlowe Cowley, Junior Warden

Mrs. Beth Holt, Clerk/Treasurer

Mr. Steven Carlson, Vestry

Mr. Gene Rude, Vestry

Mrs. Bambi Strom, Vestry

Ms. Jane Walker, Vestry


2014 Synod Delegates 

Mr. Steve Carlson, Delegate

Ms. Diane Inman, Delegate

Mrs. Bambi Strom, Delegate

Mr. Jerry Strom, Delegate

Mr. Jonathan Tapper, Delegate 

Mr. Gene Rude, Alternate Delegate


Parish Coordinators

Ecumenical Outreach: Mrs. Pat Brown

Communications: Mrs. Bambi Strom

Special Needs & Anglican Charities: Mr. Michael Haptonstahl 

Youth Ministries: Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Crystal Tribbett

Healing Ministries: Mr. Jonathan Tapper

Dependency Support: Mrs. Gayle Stewart

Strategy & Development: Ms. Marlowe Cowley

Internet & Web Services: Ms. Diane Inman